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How we’re saving Nigerian buyers from fraud at Selar

This is an example of how unapologetic Selar would be while handling fraud.

We comprehend the sensitivity in displaying that message to a seller but we would have thoroughly investigated the situation before arriving at that decision.
Selar was built for one purpose, to help businesses, artists and creators receive payments easily and that would be impossible if customers don’t feel safe paying for products on Selar.

A customer can happily pay for a product with zero reviews on Konga without worrying because he/she knows that no matter what goes wrong with the product, their money is safe. We see that in Konga and we want that level of customer confidence in Selar.

Fraud from fake products is just one aspect of fraud we’ve identified on Selar, because of how easy it is to receive payments with Selar, thieves can steal cards, create products and pay themselves. Nope! We won’t have any of that too.

We blocked our first fraudulent seller over the weekend and we will continue to block more as we notice their actions.
We won’t be an OLX or JIJI, where customers see great products displayed but decide against contacting the buyer or paying for the item because they’re afraid their money will be happily received by a scammer.

One of the very interesting things about Selar is that we’ve already envisaged this and we will continue building systems to monitor and completely identify fraudulent sellers. Selar will not be a fraudsters bay and we will work vigorously until our customers feel extremely safe to purchase items from newly discovered sellers!

We are committed to helping Nigerian businesses and creators grow by providing them with various tools to help them collect online payments and relate with their customers See how we do that at Selar