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Showing love this Valentine’s by giving to two crucial foundations (ft WeTalkSound)

We’ll be matching donations for the WTS LOFN 2 album I’ll make this really short, because truly, there’s not a lot to say. We’re big fans of WeTalkSound (popularly known as WTS), they are an awesome community of Nigerian creatives coming...

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Mount Zion Movies are now available online!

Credits: Unsplash x Jacob Meyer Hey guys, remember growing up in a Nigerian home and watching Mount Zion movies? The likes of ‘Perilous Times’, ‘Blood on the Altar’ and “House Of David”. Movies with suspense, drama and sometimes a little bit...

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What We’ve Been Up To

Hello Selars* How market? This is us reaching out to you to share what we’ve been up to with Selar and keep you in the loop 😄 Free Products You can now list products for free on Selar. We were...

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Free downloadable products is here!

I know we’re late to the party and this isn’t even news worthy but you can now upload products that are free to download on Selar. 🎉 Product Page With Selar you can be sure to get something extra😉 Customers...

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How we’re saving Nigerian buyers from fraud at Selar

This is an example of how unapologetic Selar would be while handling fraud. We comprehend the sensitivity in displaying that message to a seller but we would have thoroughly investigated the situation before arriving at that decision. Selar was built for one purpose,...

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Introducing #Selartotheworld

Dive into the world of Social Media these days and you’re sure to find someone selling a service or a product you might need or want. This is the age of social commerce, entrepreneurs and small business owners are tapping...

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