An A-Z Guide to Instagram Marketing

Instagram has moved beyond a photo story platform to a marketing platform for both personal and business brands. With Instagram ecommerce features like Instagram shops, in-app checkout, Reels and hashtags, you can initiate a conversion sales funnel on Instagram. A lot of brands find innovative ways of interacting with their clients on Instagram, by not overtly selling, but occasionally prompting fans with deals and tips to encourage sales and keep their fans engaged. 

Instagram marketing refers to the use of Instagram to increase brand awareness, make sales, launch new products and more. Instagram allows brands to connect and engage with followers in an interactive way. With over one billion active users on the platform globally, it’s a great channel for creators and entrepreneurs looking to grow organically and make sales.

As a business owner who is looking to use the platform for marketing their brand, it is important to take note of fundamentals such as how to optimise profile for visibility, use reels for engagement and how to create content for feeds and stories. 


– To start using Instagram for marketing, you’ll need an Instagram Business account or an Instagram Creator account. If you already have a personal Instagram account, you can switch to a business account.

1. Go to your profile, click on Settings.

2. You will see an option prompting you to Switch to a Professional or Business Account.

3. Click on Switch to Professional Account, then Continue.

4. Select a Category for your business, then tap Done.

5. Tap Business and follow the prompts.

– Create a content calendar or content strategy : According to research, 63% of Instagram users log in at least once a day and  Over 200 million Instagrammers visit a profile at least once a day and  spend 28 minutes on Instagram. Therefore it is important to plan content that is relatable, diverse and maximizes the features of Instagram. To be consistent and draw engagement, Instagram as a marketing tool should be used intentionally by brands and as such, brands should know what type of content their customers like to see and engage with and what time of the day is appropriate to post on the platform. 

– Optimizes your profile for Visibility : A short Bio or Profile tells one’s brand identity or what type of business one is into. This goes beyond telling your brand story in the bio section. It is important that a brand optimizes the bio section for visibility by using clickable links, a nice profile picture and a hashtag unique to your audience.

– Know your niche : In knowing your niche, it helps brands and businesses not jump on every trend, select what kind of influencers to work with and it helps businesses to know who their real fans are.

– Explore Instagram features : Instagram as a marketing tool has various features and it is important for a merchant or business to deploy every feature so as to inform, entertain, educate and in the process make sales. Features such as hashtags, reels, stories, feeds, highlights and in-app shopping tools should be used appropriately, so as to rank high in the discovery page on Instagram. 

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