Course: From Setback To Comeback

This is for you if you've suffered any kind of adversity that has kept one or several parts of your like in 'stuck mode.'

If progress is on your mind, then join me as I hold safe space for you to Tell Your Story and provide the tools you need to finally LET GO.

I will teach you how to shift your perspective and create a redemptive narrative that is EMPOWERING for you.

You will learn a simple but profound technique to IMMEDIATELY change how you see any adverse situation. You can literally put this into practice and get results INSTANTLY.

TAKE BACK your life intentionally by applying the methodology I share with you in Module 2. I will show you how step by step.

Receive DEEP personal healing for your heart wounds and hurts.

GET CLOSURE over any issue you've been struggling with.

MOVE ON with BOLDNESS and CLARITY for the next season of your life.

There is an interview because I like to hand pick those I work with.


Send me a message on if you want any clarification.

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$ 140

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