SECRETS - Pornography and Masturbation

I have received grace from the Almighty God to write this book and it gladdens my heart that it has pleased God to make you come across it this time. Big thanks to God!

This book is my true life story. It is my personal struggles and deliverance from pornography and masturbation. It is indeed an untold story of deep secrets and struggles in my life and I believe that it will help you and many others to overcome these struggles too.

It will serve as illumination and exposition into Gods Words on how to be free from the shackles of pornography and masturbation and it will also serve as a handbook to help those who need help and those who want to help others.

You might have been struggling with Pornography and Masturbation for a very long time or you may have someone who is in these shackles and really wants out, the good news I have for you is this - the time for deliverance is now; the time for liberation is now; the time to be free is now!

Download this book and read. This is the birth of your liberation and I will be waiting for your testimony of deliverance.

I am Olumide Oki (P2O)


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