CAN I BE MARRIED ALREADY?! - Biblical Answers to The Questions That Plague Your Heart Because You're Still Single (Paperback)

In her first book, Ifeoma cuts to the heart of the matter with her witty, straight-forward, scriptural and relatable take on life and love as a Christian single. In here she shares biblical answers to nagging questions that single Christians are sometimes too shy to ask but are very eager to know about singleness, sex and marriage.

Questions like:
• Is it scriptural for a Christian lady to propose to a guy she finds attractive or is sure is her God-ordained spouse?
• Is it compulsory for a Christian to be married to fulfil his/her purpose?
• When is the right time to get married?
• How do I overcome the temptation to be anxious because I’m still single at my age?
• Am I still single because God doesn’t love me?
• Why do I still have all these sexual urges even though I’m saved and single?
• What’s the big deal about having sex before I’m married?
• How will I know the right person to marry?
• Is there any difference between dating and courtship and does that even matter?
• How do I overcome couple envy?
and much more.

Each chapter takes the reader on a journey of understanding the wisdom in trusting God even when the hope of marriage has been deferred. They also equip the Christian single with practical insights on how to relish this season of their lives as they prepare for what they hope will be their next.

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