''As We Konverge''

''As We Konverge'' is the debut compilation album from Katharsis Kreed -A loose collective deep from the catacombs of the Lagos underground scene . Also known as the misty men from the dojo called Lair 45 ;Emcees and beatminers .

AWK is the verbal Kungfu of Shxxp Bxforx,Freeborn,Stoute Louis,Sun Sedek,Nasir Sani,IFE ,Ch'Ch,Toyin D,Tufresh ,Earl Hickey,Hav and Tafa .

The album featured the Super lyricist Plasthic Slash of PH's Finest and Producer/Emcee xtraordinaire Ben Hilly .

Tags: Hiphop, Alternative Rap, Poetry, Lagos Nigeria, Beats, Grassroots, Underground, Indie, katharsis kreed, Shxxp Bxforx, wutang,


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