We are all product of what we have heard, read, seen and experienced. One of the major things that I have heard that have impacted my life is about giving. (Though I have known the way of the Lord from the teenage years).
There is a general believe that when you give to the Lord, financial breakthrough is what you will received. A lot of teachings about giving has been going on for ages. There is a quote that is in the Christian folk which says that “when you are at a tight corner, check your tithe, when suffering check your offering”. That is what I believed strongly but not until I got to my place of NYSC (a one-year mandatory service in Nigeria for all graduates) that I began to question some of those teachings. I so much believed that the only thing that I need to enjoy God’s financial blessing is by giving tithes and offering, sacrificial giving and Kingdom investments.
Because of those questions that I have towards the teaching about giving to achieve financial breakthrough and the impact are not in my life, I began to make in-depth studies and researches, mostly in the Bible and other materials. From there I discovered other principles relating to money.
The major discovery that I made is that God is not interested in your tithe and offering (a portion of your income), He is interested in all of the income. He owns everything, including you. And you cannot buy His attention by your giving. Your giving is infinite decimal to the Almightiness of God. Is it up to the price of Jesus blood shed on the cross of Calvary? Am I saying you should not give to God? No! I still give and will always continue to give.
Financial breakthrough comes as a result of obeying principles (and most of these principle are outlined in this book).
Lastly, please do not see me as an expert but as a follower going with you in your financial journey. I know that you will be blessed as you continue reading.

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